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I’m just not getting into this updating blog thing at all, I always seem to find other more important things to know, things like family, work and play! Anyways, I’m still on a high right now as I just watched my beloved Manchester United football team beat Chelsea in the Champions League final in Moscow. What a nail biter that was!

As for Darksiders, IGN posted up an interview I did with them a day or so ago. It’s a couple of pages long and goes over more of the combat in detail. None of the questions really related to the exploration or puzzle solving side of the game, but I’m sure those will come up at some point. I enjoy reading the comments left by people, good or bad as they give a true, from the heart reaction to what they see. Luckily for us, most of the reactions are positive. There’s also a new video which has Joe Mad and Dave Adams talking about the game and company, which some of you may find interesting (that is if there’s anyone reading this…I always feel I’m talking up to the stars when I’m writing these things)!


Tomorrow Vigil is taking is all out to see the new INDIANA JONES movie, which is gonna be cool…I love Raiders, the concept, the characters, it just works for me. I’m trying to keep my expectations low, as I don’t want to be disappointed.



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