Flash & Graphic Designers

Currently Vigil Games is looking for good graphic designers, especially ones who have Flash experience. We want them to come into Vigil, and be the owner of the front-end & gui creation for DARKSIDERS (x360 / ps3).

Do you know anyone who fits the bill?

Graphic Design is a very specialized skill, and just because somebody is a very talented artist, doesn’t mean they understand, or are good at, graphic design. Graphic Design is about identity/image, and is the package that your game is wrapped in..right down to the FONTS.

Many times I’ve worked on games and found that the “Game User Interface”, or GUI for short, usually has to be re-done several times. For something so simple, it’s extremely easy to get wrong. Usually the best course of action is to keep them simple, but they generally end up being too large and overpowering, the colour scheme clashes, they don’t quite fit the games style or, as a whole, they just don’t read well together. This is all before they start working on the front-end and all its menus, transitions, logos etc.

Looking for the right person to fill that position has proved harder than expected.

If you, or somebody you know, is a good graphic designer and would like to get into games (if they’re not already in them), get in touch with our recruiter…he’s a cool guy, and he’s don’t bite; which is always a bonus.

Contact Michael Nichols:

Email: Michael.Nichols@thq.com

C’mon, you know you want to…


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