Darksiders Screenshots

I was going to wait until Monday to upload these images, but I found some (small though they may be) before then. Take a look below at how the game’s coming along.

Dave Adams, Ryan Stefanelli & Joe Madureira all went to San Francisco to show off the game at THQ’s Gamer’s Day. The demo went well and they showed these game elements:

  • Using the environment as a weapon. War can grab and tear things from the scene and use them in different ways (mailboxes, cars, lamposts, other creatures etc.)
  • Ruin; War’s demonic steed. This creature can be summoned/banished at any time. It’ll also be used to perform combo-moves, traverse damaging surfaces and generally get around our huge world quicker.
  • Based Combat – showed some of War’s basic sword and gauntlet combat and interactives
  • Large World – 3 of our areas were displayed; The Church, City Streets & The Ashlands.

The Ashland area shown at Gamer’s Day was only a small percentage of the real level, it was specially “gated off” from the rest of the environment to demo Ruin’s use.


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