More from the DARKSIDE

Phew! This week has been a little hectic.

We’ve been getting DARKSIDERS into shape for its next bit of exposure; THQ’s Gamer’s Day – April 3rd!!!

Gamers Day is a THQ event where they show off their latest games to members of the press, which in turn generates a lot of exposure.

I believe Darksiders will show well this year, as it has come so far, especially in the last week or so. I spent a lot of time last week tweaking one of the major creature encounters, weapon functionality and generally keeping an eye on all the things NOT being shown at gamers day.

One days last week was spent focusing soley on screenshots. I’m pretty passionate about these things, as they will be seen by the public, who will then critique and scrutinize them, probably not as much as a developer, but pretty damn close. General gamers look for coolness, new ideas, great artwork etc. Developers look for flaws; how many polys they’re showing, any tearing or awkward geometry, render distance, character poses, graphical effects and so on, and so on. I spent a lot of time creating the screens and only picked the ones worthy of the title. I took over 500, we sent out under 40.

As soon as I’ve got the ok to show the screens from Starfleet command, I’ll post them up here for you all to see.

Ruin; War’s horse is feeling really good. I’m really proud with how it has come together. We had a specific Ruin Strike Team which consisted of people from the different disciplines (programmer, animator etc.) entirely focusing on that one component of the game, but it really shows. Gamers Day will be the first time Ruin will be shown and played outside of the Vigil Games office.

It’s surprising how inspiration can come to you when you’re tired and want to go home, then suddenly, the only thing you can think about, is the game, and being in the “buzzing atmosphere” of pure enthusiasm.

Friday night I was sat at my monitor going over the list of things to do, it was about 1am (I’d been there since 7:30am). I’d started to get my things together to leave, then Dave Adams came into my room and we started to discuss the game and how well we thought it was going. We then drifted into a conversation about creature interactions and the game in general, and that was it…..We ended up bouncing ideas around, each new point igniting fresh ideas and new directions to do things…it was great, we were on a roll. At that point in time, the actual “time” was unimportant, and I realized again why I loved being in games so much. When that creative energy and enthusiasm for what you do is bouncing around a room, everyone is infected by it, and it’s hard to resist, but on top of that, it was great to see how passionate about things we were, and just how lacking that gusto was in other places I have been.

Anyways, I’m getting pretty tired now and I haven’t got anyone to talk shop with J

I’m going to sign off and return when I have something to SHOW from the game. All this talk is cheap.


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