Ting and Ting

Again, it’s been a while, and for, that I do not apologize as I now realize that I’m just crap at these things.

So, what’s happened in the last few months…well, let’s talk about gaming first. I completed Assassin’s Creed and started playing BURNOUT: Paradise. I’m having a lot of fun with paradise and love what they’ve done with the open world aspect of the game, it’s clear to see where it can go. I have my burnout license, now I’m going for the ELITE one…which I’m only 41 races away from getting (down from 120).

While playing BP, I’ve also grabbed the horns of Devil May Cry 4 (on Demon Hunter). On that, I’m on level 19….oh dice game, you make no sense at all, but in a twisted way, I like it, though you punish me so. Anyone who had already cleared the game will know what I’m talking about. Next up I’ll getting PES 2008 and Army of Two.

Vigil Games is continuing to expand and it’s exciting times all round. We pretty much have our entire design team now, only one more place to fill: Combat
Encounter Designer. We feel the amount of combat we have in the game calls for a specific position that focuses on the way the combat is distributed and mixed up (i.e. which creatures work well together, balancing etc.). So, if you, or somebody you know is good at such things, send an email to us here: info@vigilgames.com

We also had a cool night out for my birthday. We started at the RED FEZ and worked our way around 4th, 5th & 6th street Austin. Some pictures lie at the bottom of this post.

More Birthday Birthdaydsc01680.jpg


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