Merry New Years!

Ok, I own up, I’m crap at updating BLOG’s..but it has been a very busy Christmas and New Years for me. I’ve just completed the new development schedule for the design team and, on top of all the normal Christmas fun and mayhem, I recently found out that my wife is pregnant, again! So, I can use that as a lame excuse..can’t I?

Anyways, I’ve been playing a selection of games, not as many as I’d hope for, but more than I usually do. A month or so ago I completed Halo 3 on legendary and I must say the Campaign mode is a letdown for me, ESPECIALLY the final level. As for the game’s multiplayer side, it was a joy to play and I haven’t even touched FORGE once!

Currently, I’m playing Assassin’s Creed, which, from a fun point of view is just ok, but from a visual/production point of view, it’s amazing. Altazar’s traversal system is simple to perform, but he can do a wide range of cool body movements to get around complex geometry…very nice. I completed Call of Duty 4 on Veteran which was pretty hard, but very satisfying to play…it’s easily the BEST FPS on the X360 in my opinion, plus, it’s multiplayer feel/system is great. The leveling and perk system is awesome….it feels like a progression but it’s also very old-school..nothing like shooting somebody in the face to see “+20 pts” float up the screen…ah, the joys!

I played the BURNOUT: PARADISE demo, I’m really looking forward to this game, it’s by far my favourite racing franchise…screw you Gran Tourisimo, I want crazy fun and exhilaration when I’m “playing” a driving game, not repetitive races around tracks to earn points, to earn licenses and money so I can buy a car that does over 60mph!

I also downloaded the MUTANT STORM on XBLA, incredibly good fun it is too..I think the original was overlooked with the titanic surge Geometry Wars created. Strangehold is another game I’ve played, but its initial fun quickly evaporates into repetitive tasks.

More when I have time…



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