Bioshock X360: Ransack the Place!

I recently completed Bioshock X360, which has been one of the stand-out titles of the 360 thus far. I would not give the title a 10, but it certainly warrants a 9. As for a collect-em up, it ranks right up there with any game.

The developers of Bioshock have woven together a tight title, that makes searching environments fun again, making them something more than set dressing.

Potential goodies are strewn throughout the world of rapture in many forms. Looking at the simple area of the health pickup reveals the basics; rather than having one item to update a player’s health, they have several, varying on the amount of health they restore, or the level of eve they subtract. They also have items that give health, but obscure vision (alcohol). All these basic elements present the player with options that only they can chose what is best for them at the particular time of play.

The items are very diverse, as is where you can find them; other than lying around the environment. They have loads of options of finding them inside other objects; drawers, desks, safes, refrigerators, cargo boxes, crates, vending machines and so on. For each pickup type is a unique sound, so when you ransack lots of items, a cornucopia of sounds erupts as you snatch things up; it feels very gratifying.

What I like the most in Bioshock, is how the items tie into the environment. Everything has a place in rapture, and makes the items feel less gamey. Rapture is a wreck, and items are placed in areas you’d fully expect them to be. The bar is littered with lots of different bottles of alcohol, chocolate bars dropped near vending machines, money found in cash registers etc.

Production values are high in Bioshock, the levels are well designed and the atmosphere is great. If you have an urge to go plundering, this is a great playground for it.


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