We’re Hiring at Vigil Games

Hi all,

I thought it wouldn’t hurt to give Vigil Games a little plug on here. You may or may not know that we have 2 projects in development, one being the Warhammer 40k MMO, so, jeah! it’s big. PLUS, plus, we have another game in development that is going to be announced within the next 2 weeks…exciting times for us.

We’re currently looking for people to fill a wide array of positions. Here’s the ones I know about:

  • Senior Level Designer
  • Senior Combat/Gameplay Designer
  • Lead Environment Artists
  • Lead Environment Artists
  • Senior Gameplay Programmer

We use 3DS Max at Vigil, but that shouldn’t stop any of you Maya or Lightwave  guys from applying, its an easy transition. We’re also owned by THQ, so we have a big brother to smack the smaller companies around, if the need arises 🙂

Anyways, if you’re talented and are interested in any of the above, or OTHER job positions, send in your resume and reels to this email address:


Mailing Address:

6011 W. Courtyard Dr, Suite 200

Austin, TX 78730


About Haydn Dalton

Creative Lead 30 Years Developing Games

2 Responses to “We’re Hiring at Vigil Games”

  1. I got a bounce from info@vigilgames.com — Is there THQ address I should be using?

  2. Hi Adam,

    there was a problem with the email address. Our IT person has now fixed it, so email away!


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